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Data Subjects want their Personal Information (PI) and sensitive data to be secured and protected, including when you email it.

Earn Trust

Do the right thing for your business by taking effective steps to safeguard personal/sensitive information, including when you email it.

Remain Compliant

Laws require your business to provide proper protections and safeguards for all personal and/or sensitive data, including when you email it.

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Bank-grade Email Encryption Solution For Any Sized Business

A simple and intuitive app installed as a plugin to Microsoft Outlook on any Windows PC for sending emails as encrypted, in a way that is easy for the Sender and simple for the Recipient, using the PDF standard.

As Powerful or Simple As You Need
Use the app in auto-pilot Automatic mode or customizable Interactive mode to send encrypted email to anyone - no matter what device the Recipient is using.
Data Sovereignty, Guaranteed
Secure data from Sender to Recipient with no files ever stored in any 3rd-party clouds. All data is always on-device.
Zero Configuration Changes
No requirements to make any changes to your email environment or MX records. Works for any email address inside Microsoft Outlook on Windows PC - even Gmail!
So easy, just  
Install & Go!

Secure Outgoing Email Without Hassle

Unlike other complicated approaches, our app makes it a total breeze to send outgoing email and meeting invites with confidential, sensitive or personal data as encrypted!

Tight integration with Microsoft Outlook on Windows PC makes for effortless and hassle-free encrypted email sending using the renowned PDF standard. This means there's no keys, certificates or special decryption software needed by the Recipient - just a password and a PDF viewer like Acrobat Reader which is widely used and totally free.

Automatic Encryption
Automatic Password Delivery
Automatic PDF Permission Control
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A Practical & Effective 
Business Grade Solution

User Choice
Encryption is in your control. Choose mandatory automated encryption for all outgoing email, to all recipients - or just external ones. 

Make encryption optional with a "Yes/No" prompt when sending emails, or have it on-demand only whenever encryption is desired.

Users can have it dynamic too with an optional prompt to make changes for each email being sent so it can be tailored for individual communication needs.

Password Management 
This app caters for automatic transmission of the PDF password to the recipient via Email or SMS - the choice is yours. You can send the actual password or a password-hint instead. 

Passwords can be automatically generated for Recipients or it can be manually assigned using custom passwords. 

Importantly, this app provides for a personal password list as well as the use of a shared "organization-wide" (admin-controlled) password list.
Flexible Encryption
Encrypt the full message body and attachments, or encrypt attachments-only either in their native format (for editing), or have it automatically converted to PDF.
Additionally control printing, content-copying, form fill-in and editing permissions of the encrypted PDF files(s) as required.

CRM Support
When using a CRM application with email sync, this app goes beyond the standard to enable support for CRM bcc addresses to handle all the associated complexities of it.
High Security
All password encrypted PDF file(s) are created using AES 256-bit encryption prior to sending, ensuring the app employs strong security to satisfy even the strictest auditor or regulation.
Built with business affordability in mind, the app can be purchased as an annual subscription from an IT Reseller, or as a monthly service from a Beachhead Managed Services Provider (MSP). No need to purchase any other software, hardware or certificates.

Trusted by Thousands of Organizations Across 30+ Countries

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